3 Reasons to Choose Android Over IOS

One question we get a lot is “Should I buy an Iphone for my business?” In short we think that if its for business use then you should stick to Android. Iphones are a great bit of kit for personal use but when it comes to business they fall short for a number of reason.

More OS Choices With Android

If you buy yourself and your employees and Iphone you are forever bound to use IOS. IOS int all bad but it has some serious drawback like when it comes to the time you need to update. Iphones are notorious for having bugs and kinks to work through when IOS gets an update. Its something you could do without when thinking about how smoothly your business is running. Its always nice to know you can have a plan B.

Android is Cheaper

Cheaper doesn’t always mean the best but there are so many different types of Android phones available that chances are there will be something out there that will fit your budget. With HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony all having a hand in the Android phone market as a consumer you are spoiled for choice where as with Iphone there is very little choice for you out there for you. Why spend less to get and older version of a mobile phone.


Our most important reason for choosing Android over Iphone is this. Google.

Google has loads of free apps out there for your and your business to use. Iphone will run some of these apps but Android will run every one flawlessly because they were always designed with Android in mind and IOS operating systems being an after thought. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Translate, Google Calendar. The list goes on and on. We’re not saying that Iphone dont think about fluidity and what their customer wants but in general Apple has always considered their customers to be creatives and designers. Google and Android have always put business first.


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