How Cleantech Will Make Workplaces More Eco-Friendly

While many are still unsure of what the cleantech field is and how it might affect them, it’s safe to say that its advancements will certainly affect the workplace. If you work in any kind of office using computers and tech devices often, it’s likely that you’ll be seeing the positive effects of clean technology over the next couple of decades.

Clean technology, simply put, is technology which allows for more efficient use of energy, better outcomes for the environment, and less reliance on things like fossil fuels. This may not sound like something that could affect a small office or corporate complex like yours, however, below we’re going to explore while this will affect you.

Hyper-Efficient Computer Processors

Computers are now a constant in our lives in 2017, both at work and at home. In the office is where the productivity really matters though – so anything that increases productivity is going to go down well. Enter the possibilities of heatless and super-efficient computer processors.

Cleantech advances are all about getting more bang for your buck in regards to energy. Works have undergone in this field to create processors that don’t waste energy through heat convection, instead using the usually-wasted energy to make the processor more powerful. Consider the fact that this would make your computer-use much faster and ultimately this would increase the amount of work you get done. A perfect way for businesses to optimise their rate of output.

All kinds of different studies are being undertaken within the cleantech field to get more performance out of our computers, like this one as recent as this year:

Bountiful Biofuel for Cheaper Car Travel

Some of the first automobiles ever created ran on mixtures like peanut oil, vegetable oil, and certain types of ethanol. These were not terribly efficient which is why we use petrol and diesel created from fossil fuels. Great strides have been made in the cleantech field in creating a biofuel which is better for the environment and runs just as well, or better, than modern solutions.

If your workplace has travelling salesmen or even just executives who have to travel for meetings, biofuel could eventually become the norm – allowing for cheaper travel which is much more efficient. Forget about workplace costs per mile on travel, it may soon be a footnote on the company’s monthly outgoings.

The only foreseeable issue with an advancement like this is that many large corporations will be trying to block any new tech which threatens their income of revenue. We can also foresee a number of high-profile lawsuits coming to the forefront – many law firms already have dedicated cleantech legal teams, such as Goodwin.

Cheap (or free!) Electricity 24/7

One of the most significant aims of the cleantech field is finding a consistent way of generating electricity efficiently without further polluting the environment. Being able to create usable energy easily and cheaply means we could all soon be seeing tiny energy bills – maybe even free someday!

A number of firms are taking green energy seriously as the next step for electricity in the 21st century, like Schneider Electric for example.

It’s not hard to see why this would be unbelievably helpful for the workplace; it would also benefit so many homes and society as a whole. Machines and technological operations could be running 24/7 without much concern as to how much energy we are using up and this would do wonders for productivity. One of these days you just might find that your office begins running around the clock, seven days a week.

Looking Forward to Cleantech’s Next Big Milestone

Whatever the cleantech field makes a big breakthrough with next, we can be sure its magnitude will be felt in our offices and our workplaces. The greatest aspect of this is that whatever the next advancement is, it will likely benefit us in terms of efficiency while also being advantageous for the environment.

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